Congratulations on your big day! Has the time come to choose the photographer? Now, it is very important that you realize just how crucial the photographer is! The results of his work will be what will remind you of that day for the rest of your life! All memories, no matter how important, tend to fade away with time… But your photo albums will be there for you whenever you need to hold them, and remember how it felt to hold your spouse’s hand on your wedding day!

Do you have a friend who’s a photographer? It’s a bad idea! Yes, maybe they’ll save you some money, but don’t you want them to be able to enjoy your special day with you? How will they do that if they are working? And not only that, what if you don’t like the photos? Are you willing to risk your friendship over some savings? Let’s leave that.

The first step you need to take is to ask. Ask all your friends and family about who they used on their special occasions, and how much they liked their work. If you are planning on searching online, don’t fall for the first position in Google – it’s not a guarantee for skill, just for a marketing sense.

So now you have a list – photographers recommended by your friends, and photographers you found online. Visit their websites and look closely. It is very important here that you avoid looking at the design of the website – anyone can use an amazing template that impresses. What you need to look at is the gallery, the photographer’s portfolio. Do you see many wedding photos? As photographers choose only their best work for their portfolio, not listing many wedding photos is never a good sign. They have either not been to that many weddings, or they have, but the results weren’t worth listing. Both are a recipe for disaster. There are a lot of wedding photos? Okay, do you like them, do you see yourself in them? Look for the testimonials section too, read it. It’s important to know how other people felt about the service they received.

An important matter is, of course, the price, but don’t dwell on it too much. It’s best not to book the cheapest, or the most expensive photographer. You need the perfect one.

Now you have narrowed it down to several photographers. Meet with them. Remember that this person will be with you throughout the whole day, following you, your friends and family. It is crucial that you like them. Ask questions, it’s a good idea to make a list before you meet. Ask anything you want anything! It’s your day and you deserve the best! Take notes too, you have all sorts of things on your mind at such a time; you could forget the most important bits.

Ask them how they see your wedding, throw some ideas around; you could hear some great things. You should also know what exactly you are getting for your money – prints, reprints… Also, how much will it cost to get more? Most photographers have packages for these kinds of occasions, but asking is the way to make sure. There is the other matter of cancellations, date changes, etc. Will they give you a refund if they are unavailable at the new date? Ask them if they are planning to visit the venue in advance, too. If they are not, make them. It’s important that the photographer knows exactly where to stand to take the best photos, consider the lighting, the time of day, and everything else. Ask to see all the photos from a wedding. Can you feel what the people felt, do they look natural, does it seem like the photographer managed to capture all the important moments?
Book early! Don’t wait for the last moment. You spent all this time getting to know and like your photographer, don’t let anyone grab them exactly when you need them! The bottom line is – choose someone you like, make sure they are available at your chosen date, review their work closely and ask, ask, ask…

Rita Rova writes for Love My Vouchers, where you can find discounts and voucher codes to help keep down the cost of wedding accessories. This ensures you have enough to invest on the things that really count such as the photographer and… the dress!