Trying to decide on a place for your honeymoon can be tricky. You always want it to be a memory full of happiness and tenderness, of perfect moments, and times you can look back on with a chuckle. Honeymoons usually receive exclusive consideration from travel agents, airline agents, and all others involved in contributing to this special time. They will work with you as you plan this once in a lifetime event, so enlist their expertise; or research and plan your own.

Time of Year

Whether you are planning your special excursion immediately after your wedding, or a little while later, you will need to consider the time of year you will be traveling. Even in the U.S. seasons differ somewhat. Obviously, winter is often milder in our most southern states, such as Florida, southern Texas, and parts of California. And of course, if you travel outside the continental borders, you will encounter greater differences. For example, Australia celebrates summer during our winter. All these variances offer a huge range of choices and often give your budget a break as well. Climates will also affect activities you may want to enjoy.


As you explore the plethora of interests, decide whether you prefer a relaxing time of leisure or energy-filled adventure. You may like to incorporate both, having a leisurely morning, an active mid-day, and a relaxing evening. If you choose a tropical climate, you may find it more desirable to plan adventures in the morning, shopping in the afternoon, a short activity in the early evening, topped off by a brief swim before relaxing at dinner.  Cooler climates afford opportunities for skiing, hiking, enjoying a hot tub, and aerial rides above snow-capped mountains.

Doing It Yourself

If you would rather plan your honeymoon yourselves, remember to check out several options. First, after doing research via the internet, make phone calls to reserve your choices. At this point make sure to record names of people/person you talked with; their title/job; the price you were quoted; the deal the person made with you; dates; times; and confirmation numbers. Always restate any part of the conversation you record for a double check. Secondly, since you want to have pleasant memories, websites are very helpful in noting things to consider for safety checks; check out several of them.

Do Age Matter?

Another factor and one I had not thought of is the age of the couple who are honeymooning. Some of the most delightful honeymoons are with couples in their 50’s or 60’s and later. Indeed they may prefer to plan their own special memories, or they may rather find the best travel agent and relax while those trained in the business do what they do best. But no matter the age, doing lots of research together may circumvent disputes that would cloud the time. Often, just remembering to be considerate of the other person is a huge step.

The Beginning

Consideration and compromise go a long way in having a honeymoon to remember. After looking into as many possibilities as you desire, visualize the rest of your lives finding ways to make this incredibly special time last. The honeymoon period does not have to end…it is really just the beginning.

Andy Clarke is a writer and travel agent who is an expert when it comes to finding cheap, exciting vacation destinations. He loves to write about travel and recently wrote an article about his stay at a luxury resort in Mexico.