Men think that women are really hard to understand and can never be pleased. They believe that a strong, well-built, muscular body might be the only way to win any woman’s heart. However, what women like in men is not limited to physical features only. Women love the finer qualities in a male; his behavior, attitude, and humor all are very important.

A Loving and Caring Personality

Just being attractive or rich is not enough. The perfect man must have a kind and caring personality. When women want to fall in love they think of the long term. Truth is, no one wants to date a rude and arrogant guy. Showing genuine care goes a long way towards winning any woman’s heart.

Great Sense of Humor

Many men do not realize but being funny is equally important. It does not mean, that he should start behaving like a clown. On the contrary, having a sense of humor just means being able to have a light-hearted approach towards life. Someone who is witty can make any date a lot more fun.


No one wants a dumb guy who cannot talk about any other topic except how to get a girl in bed. What women like in men is intelligence. Being able to hold an intelligent conversation and able to communicate thoughts is a must. Intelligence can be a real turn and a really sexy trait.

Not a Pushover

Women love to be feel protected, regardless of how tough they may appear on the outside. Some of us must have noticed, a certain guy in the group getting all the sexy ladies. It is because he is an Alpha male and not a pushover; that is what women like in men.

A Good Job and Salary

No, it is not being shallow. Men like women who are attractive, similarly a girl adores a guy who is able to provide for her. He does not need to drive a Mercedes Benz and live in a mansion, but, he should have enough to provide for her and kids. Frankly speaking, no one wants to date a guy who is not financially stable.

Confidence and Assertiveness

An attractive guy is someone who is confident and can hold his own against difficult odds. Women really dislike guys who are chicken and run at the slightest sign of confrontation. What women like in men is their confident personality.

Physical Attractiveness

Of course, physical features matter a lot. But, to be attractive you do not need to always look like a movie star. Attractiveness depends a lot upon the way a man carries himself. Exercising daily and having a decent haircut can really transform a guy’s look. Six pack is really nice to have, but in the long run, it is not always needed.

Chivalry and Respect

Unlike what is being said, chivalry is not dead. Secretly women adore guys who are respectful towards others. If a guy wants to get a place inside woman’s heart, then he must treat her with respect.


Compatibility in ideas, thoughts, likes, dislikes, and interests is a key factor for lasting relationship. Women want guys whom they can relate to and possess similar interests. A perfect guy takes every opportunity to learn about his lady.

Proper Grooming and Charming Personality

No matter what happens, the male must dress impeccably and take care of his grooming. Women love guys with charming personality. Dress good, have a stylish haircut and be assertive.

There may be other factors but these really answer the question regarding what women like in men. Most of these traits are very easy to develop and can help a guy get his dream girl.