The time has come. The day is here. The moment has arrived. Today is the day you have been anxiously awaiting and meticulously planning since the moment you first felt that petite piece of gold encircle your warm finger and you witnessed the brilliant shine of the stone that was chosen just for you by the one you are now promising to love forever; the one who will soon be promising to love you back.


You have scrutinized every aspect of this life-altering day. You carefully considered all the participants of the wedding party. You thoroughly examined every tiny decorating detail. You sampled a somewhat ridiculous amount of cake. You spent numerous hours trying on wedding dresses until your eyes fell on the one and you just knew that was it. That was the one. You would wear this elegant piece of cloth as you nervously walked down the aisle to join your betrothed and proclaim your love for one another in front of all your friends and family. You have spent a significant amount of time planning and preparing for your wedding day. This day has taken seemingly forever to get here and you wonder how the time went so fast. But now the day has come for the two of you to join your lives and hearts together.

Sounds Beautiful, Right?

The reality of your wedding day plays out a bit more like this: You wake up with a giant pimple from all the stress. The best man’s tux gets lost in transit. The flower girl throws a fit and dumps all the rose petals in one big pile in the middle of the aisle before stomping off screaming, “I will NOT hold his hand!” But, you’ll get through the vows, perhaps with a few chuckles and probably a tear or two.

Thank goodness for the reception, right?

Oops. Somebody sat Aunt Sue next to Aunt Darla and those two haven’t gotten along since the whole duck in the woods incident in 1996. Cousin Betty has an allergic reaction to whatever seasoning was used on the chicken and somebody ate your sister’s vegetarian meal. And, for the love of Pete, somebody please cut off Uncle Bill before he hits the dance floor. Your feet are sore. Your head hurts from the hundred bobby pins in your hair. It takes your entire bridal party to help you go to the bathroom so you haven’t had anything to drink since that morning. You’re completely exhausted and want nothing more than to rip that beautiful gown off, pull all the pins out, crawl under the covers of your bed, and sleep. For days. But then you feel it. His hand finds yours and he gives it a little squeeze. You look into his eyes and for a brief moment, the whole world really does stand still. In that moment it is just the two of you. You are his and he is yours. Take it all in. Breathe in and feel the flood as your entire body realizes that this is everything you ever dreamed of. This moment is not about the wedding. It’s about this man. This life. This promise. Savor it.


John Keefe is an avid blogger and professional Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City. John is passionate about sharing information online through his blogs, on youtube, and provides local marriage services in OKC to his local community with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies.