Wedding planning is not an easy task, especially when done under pressure. Without a wedding planning checklist, so much can go wrong or be missing out if one does not take the time to plan and go through the list several times. The ideal planning should have a period of 12+ months.

The following wedding planning checklist will be helpful when checking whether everything important has been included.


12+ Months

  • Estimate your wedding date. Make several dates to allow flexibility. The dates should be guided by your schedule, your fiancee’s schedule, the flexibility of your venue and anyone important for you in the wedding.
  • Make an estimate of your wedding budget. The whole wedding planning checklist will keep referring back to the budget.This should not be done by you alone unless you are relying on your savings alone. Otherwise, the budget should be guided by the number of people contributing and how much.
  • Come up with a wedding style. This will guide you in much of the planning as you will know exactly what you want.
  • Begin planning your guest list. This should not be too far out in your wedding planning checklist.This should be done early to help in budgeting as well as replacing those who will not make it.
  • Research on the ceremony sites as well as reception sites and actually book them. This is important as you can never know how competitive they are.

8-10 Months to the wedding

  • Research on, think about and order your gown.
  • Think about and decide on the type of entertainment you will prefer, and at what time.
  • Decide the type of floral decor you want.
  • Get your wedding professionals, i.e., photographer, the videographer, the florist, the DJ or the reception band.
  • Decide on a wedding insurance policy. This is important to protect your deposits.
  • Reserve accommodations for your out-of-town invitees.
  • Book anything that you might consider renting, such as chairs, tents or tables.

6-8 Months to the wedding

  • Book your ceremony musicians.
  • Order the bridesmaid dresses
  • Think and plan your honeymoon
  • Send the “save-the-date-cards”.

4-6 months to the wedding

  • Optional, attend pre-wedding counseling.
  • Research, shop and order the invitations and your wedding rings.
  • Envision the wedding cake. Research, interview, then book your cake designer.

3-1 months to the wedding

  • Order your wedding cake.
  • Get your wedding day transport. You can consider hiring if your friends and family can’t provide enough.
  • Mail your wedding invitations.
  • Write down your vows
  • Search and book your stylist. Try out your big day hairstyles.
  • Apply for your marriage license in the local town where you will wed.
  • Bride; have your final gown fitting. It is important to bring your maid of honor with you.
  • Ensure all your bridesmaids have their gowns ready.
  • Meet the vendors and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Create the wedding program for your guests.

2-1 weeks before the wedding

  • Call the guests who are yet to respond.
  • Go for final fittings.
  • Determine your wedding- party positions.
  • Reconfirm all the final details with your vendors.

Night before the wedding

  • Rehearse ceremony. Iron out all the fine details.
  • Make sure your officiant has everything necessary.

Day of the wedding

  • Give the wedding bands to your best man and your maid of honor.
  • Give your photographer an assistant to help them know who is who.

With a great wedding planning checklist, the wedding ends in smiles and everyone walks away satisfied and happy. Always remember to write some thank you cards to anyone who made your day a success.