Here are some great touches that we love for spring weddings! As we move into the middle of April, many brides are putting the last touches on their spring wedding plans. Whatever the theme is, you can be sure to see some of the first warm weathered influences on their big day. Get ready to see some spring flowers, bright colors, and tons of greenery to welcome in the season. Here is a list of Spring Wedding Ideas!

Coral: this shade of pinkish-orange is the perfect shade for those who are having their wedding right in the middle or at the end of spring. It is a lovely pastel that celebrates spring but also welcomes summer. It pairs with many monochromatic shades or other bright springy colors!

Dipped Candles: This is a great DIY wedding project that is budget friendly with gorgeous results! Take a simple white candle, of whatever shape or size that you prefer, and dip them in melted down crayons. You can go through Crayola’s whole collection and find the shade that is perfect for you!

Tulips: This flower is pretty much the epitome of springtime. Tulips in any color are a perfect addition to a spring wedding, but peach tulips are definitely trendy right now. You can put them in your bouquet, hair, or even your wedding cake!

Gold Bobby Pins: These little hairpieces are an elegant yet playful addition to a wedding updo. While silver bobby pins are beautiful, the color in a gold pin gives it a warmer feel. The more glitter or glitz on the pin the better!

Pastel Dresses: With your bridesmaids, you should definitely think about using a pastel shaded dress to accent your day. Shades of pink, yellow-green, and this year’s most trendy color, mint, are the perfect accessories for your spring day.

Green Centerpieces: Instead of just using flowers as your centerpiece, think about using just a normal green plant on the tables. Herb plants are really a great way to give the piece a little more of a natural look and they are great takeaways for the guests!

Flowers on the Cake: While this is usually a tradition at weddings, spring is the perfect time to accent your cake with big statement flowers. Think tulips, lilies, or light colored roses. Color is very important, try and stay away from deep or monochromatic shades!

Cherry Blossoms: Speaking of flowers on the cake, cherry blossoms are a wonderful accessory to not only your cake but to any other part of your wedding. Think about using them to line the chair down the aisle, weaving them into your hair, or simply using them in your bouquet!

Peach Drinks: A peach flavored drink is a wonderful accent to your day. Think about using peach-granita, spiked peach lemonade, or a peachy white sangria as your signature drink!

Spring Rolls: What better way to celebrate spring than with a crisp and fresh hors’ devours? These wonderful vegetable filled treats are the perfect little additions to your menu!