Wedding invitations may be extended in a variety of ways, including the traditionally written invitation, email, phone or even by word of mouth. In lieu of formalities, the typical etiquette for  wedding invitations  involves making sure guests know the details of who, what, when, and where of the occasion.


The initial announcement of your wedding invitation should convey the tone and formality of your own style, whether that be traditional, contemporary, eclectic or all of the above. Preferences sometimes range from the intimacy of hand-written invitations, or the elegantly calligraphed invitation; there is also the interest theme-based invitations, extravagant or even grandiose; no matter the preference, the style, tone and taste should be yours.

When creating your outline of ideas and and guidelines for your  wedding invitations  there is an abundance of useful information that can be combined and included so lets start with a few of the common questions.

Which Wedding Invitation will be right for my wedding?

There a many options and selections when it comes to wedding stationery. Some of the common items you would typically narrow down is how standard or how custom would you like the invitation to be. There are many providers that provide starter and themed invitation options where others offer a more customized solution, in which you have more control over the final creation. Another thing to consider is cost. Depending on your taste, style and budget the price can vary when you dive down into the specifics such as enclosures and response cards, envelopes, paper stock, ink types, colors and embellishments, individual custom pieces or invitation sets. When narrowing down or expansion of your options, ultimately, you want to be sure you know what the impression is you want to relay to your invited guest and make sure that goal matches your budget. Another question ask yourself is:

How large or how small is my wedding going to be?

The scale of your wedding size will directly affect your budget. For example, will your wedding be a more intimate and small ceremony or a large and more extravagant wedding? In other words this will be the determining factor on how many invitations, response cards or even bridal shower invitations your will need to personalize, produce, and mail. We also cannot forget the inevitable postal cost that will be needed to mail your uniquely crafted  wedding invitations , which should also be included in your budget.

If you’re planning for your wedding to be a formal affair, the invitation will usually not include bold, wild, or extravagant embellishments and colors. Formal  wedding invitations  typically will include black and white, ivory, or ecru card stock to match the bride’s wedding dress. And even if you choose to expand beyond the typical, you want to avoid confusing your guests by specifying the occasion is a black tie affair on a bold polka dotted wedding invitation.

Decided traditional isn’t your style? How about the contemporary, modern flair? The contemporary and modern style  wedding invitations  will typically include designs like rounded corners, rectangular shapes, pop-ups, various text alignments or no alignment at all. Fonts and colors are also usually unconventional mixtures of bold, bright, and textures.

Venturing on on the eclectic or extravagant side of town? Have some themes in mind? No problem, the wedding invitation industry is open to new ideas. Like movies? Try a movie production theme. Like the beach? Try a seashell, sand and water theme. Like sports? Try a football, basketball, soccer, golf or your sport of choice as your theme. Ideas and options are limitless and the  wedding invitation  style is yours to create.