Are you seeking an exciting and adventurous honeymoon destination? Mauritius, an island located on Africa’s east coast on the Indian Ocean, is the place to take your honeymoon! Mauritius has staggering beauty, endless sandy white beaches, tropical forests, palm trees and some of the more beautiful coral reefs that the world has to offer. Mauritius holidays offer couples the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It has everything you could possibly want in a honeymoon location. You have not experienced paradise until you have experienced the sparkling tropical waters and the warm sands that can be found on Mauritius’ coast.


Not only does Mauritius have natural beauty but also it offers opportunities for nearly any kind of adventurous activity you can think of. For example, you could visit the city of Tamarin where you could sail, scuba dive, swim, fish, water ski, wind surf, snorkel, or go boating in the Indian Ocean. Or, you could go on the Blue Marine Safari. This particular underwater safari is one of Mauritius’ more popular attractions. It does not involve learning to scuba dive. Rather, the safari involves riding a vessel out into the Indian Ocean. Once the vessel is at a depth of 30 meters, then one can see fish, turtles, and various other kinds of marine life. It is also possible to see shipwrecks occasionally while riding the vessel. The marine safari is truly an exciting experience.

Granted, if you do not prefer to go into the water for your adventure, that is not a problem. For example, you could choose to go to a beach resort such as Mon Choisy or Grand Baie where you could have an exciting game of beach volleyball. Also, honeymooners could choose to go on an adventurous hike in the lush landscape if they choose. For instance, there are splendid sites such as Casela Bird Park and Pamplemousses Park where honeymooners can truly appreciate all of the natural beauty that Mauritius has to offer. Another option would be to go to Black River Gorge National Park where you could see various exotic birds or tropical plants while hiking.

Nightlife in Mauritius offers surprise and adventure for honeymooning couples. During Mauritius holidays, you could spend a nice evening in Mahebourg or the capital city of Port Louis. Just imagine yourself spending balmy evenings sipping on cocktails. You could go to the restaurants. You could sample the wonderful local seafood. Then you could visit one of the exiting nightclubs where you can listen to music or go dancing. There is literally no limit to the fun that you could have.

Mauritius truly is a paradise that you should see. If you are seeking the ideal place for a honeymoon, look no further than Mauritius. You absolutely will find everything you need there. Every day will be filled with joy and beautiful scenery. You will have such a wonderful time that you will want to come back to visit Mauritius again and again.

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