Your wedding day is a day to remember. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the princess for the day, where all eyes are on you. Many brides want their wedding day to be a luxurious and memorable experience; but in reality, weddings are becoming so expensive, that many couples are choosing weddings abroad or alternative arrangements to reduce the overall cost of their special day.


For a wedding to be spectacular you need the perfect dress, the perfect reception space, the best caterer, music and a dream honeymoon location. Once you start adding how many guests you want to invite, the price starts to skyrocket. There are ways to have a luxurious and perfect wedding day without breaking the bank if you plan in advance and work according to a set budget.

Set a Budget

It’s imperative you set a budget for your wedding which should include everything from flowers to your honeymoon. Many couples will save for years before planning their special day to ensure every aspect of the wedding is perfect, right down to the invitations they send out and the luxury gifts they give their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Working to a budget and planning your wedding day at least a year in advance will help you not only stick to the budget but enjoy a more affordable experience. Many venues, including the church, will offer a reduced rate if you book in advance. This leaves you cash to spend on your reception or extra cash to make your honeymoon more enjoyable.

Put a List in Place

The next step to the perfect wedding day is to put a list in place. If you have a list of everything you need and all the planning you need to do to make your day perfect, you can start arranging everything in advance to avoid disappointment.

Whether it’s hiring caterers or a band, a DJ or the venue, by having your list in place you can pay deposits, negotiate on price and ensure you have the most luxurious items to make the day as enjoyable and special as possible. Your list should include your dress, bridesmaid dresses, grooms tuxedo, groomsmen tuxedos, flowers, venue hire, cater, music, color schemes, table decorations, luxury gifts, invitations and of course, your honeymoon.

Wedding Gifts

If you’re setting up home together for the first time once you are married, chances are you are going to need a lot of items for your household, all the way to photo frames. It’s advisable to put a list together of items you need and want, many of the luxury shops will offer a registry, or you can offer a list of luxury gifts to guests if they ask what you need.

You can use your wedding to ensure your home is fitted with all the smaller and essential items you need from kitchen items to the scented candles in your bathroom.

Take a Deep Breath and Enjoy

As you get closer to your wedding day you will need to pay the caterers, venue and often the musicians in full; chances are you have already paid a deposit. A good way to ensure you don’t spend your wedding money is to open a separate account and pay for all your wedding items from that.


Once everything is paid, you can take a deep breath and prepare to be the belle of the ball on your special occasion and enjoy your life together as a married couple without the financial burden, as you planned in advance and budgeted accordingly.


The author of This article (Sam) has had numerous interactions with people who share their trials and tribulations regarding wedding planning. Due to this experience gained while selling luxury gifts from, Sam is able to share the above with you with a good degree of confidence it will help towards planning your big day. For more inspiration follow @LuxOdyssey on Twitter.