The number of ways a couple can celebrate their first wedding anniversary can be so many.  Some can be creative while some can be traditional.  If you love your partner then you should do it in a way that he would appreciate.  Here are 6 ways to make him never forget your first wedding anniversary:

Eat at the Reception Site

The reception of your wedding could have been a fancy 5-star hotel place or it could have been a garden restaurant.  Either way, it would be a great idea to revisit that place and eat there.  You don’t have to eat as much as you did during the reception.  You can just order the food that is new to the menu as the both of you remember what transpired there one year ago.

View Your Wedding Gallery

It would be a great time to reminisce and what better way to do it than to look at your wedding photos and videos.  It was one event that changed your life for the better so it is worth looking back at that glorious day and check out the people who celebrate it with you.

Renew Vows

You can both recite what you said to each other a year ago as it is like a commitment one gives the other.  You can choose to renew your vows with family and friends with the priest questioning your commitment all over again or you can do it with just the two of you in order for there to be some sort of privacy.  The best option would be to do it with just the two of you so it would look more romantic.

Have Great Sex

It is all about passionate lovemaking on this night.  Some people think of sex as some dirty word but it should be referred to as nice lovemaking between two people who are in love with one another.  The both of you can wear something sexy such as nice underwear and red lingerie in order to brush up each other’s sexual appetite.  This is one option both would love especially if it results in having your first born child.  Of course, since you love one another there is no need for a condom.

Share a Toast

Buy an expensive signature cocktail then pour it into each other’s glass and toast each other.  It is a sign of each other’s affection for one another.  You don’t have to finish the entire bottle as one glass would be enough.

Throw a Party

Why not throw an anniversary party with close friends and family members?  You should learn how to appreciate those who have been with you through thick and thin.  You can have one big champagne party at your house or even make it into a pool party so everyone would have a lot of fun.  The decision would ultimately be up to you and the important thing would be everyone having fun by the end of the night.

Char Brown is someone who celebrates wedding anniversaries with her husband with a bang. Her past celebrations include climbing a mountain, eating at a 5-star hotel and visiting the wax museum. She is one fun loving person when it comes to adventures. She does not like dealing with infidelity in marriage and she is glad her husband shares the same belief.