If you know the newlyweds are going to a beachside for their honeymoon then that is a great way to give them a gift which will be really appreciated.You can either give it as a wedding shower or the actual wedding gift. However, it is something that is something that you can give as a good friend or relative. Also it can help avoid some of the common arguments that rise up between couples. We say this because most times what as a woman you may consider is important to take to the beach is not the same for a guy. So if you were to gift them something to use on the beachside which makes both parties happy then it’s a great way to start their honeymoon.

Storing the essentials – beach bag

For putting together the essentials for two grown adults you need at least fairly big sized tote to carry. Make sure it is something that the guy can also carry without any embarrassment; else you will be stuck with lugging it around.

What to keep inside the bag

Well the first thing is to keep beach towels in it, if possible get them customized by getting the couples name individually done on each towel. You cannot possibly drip dry on to the sand, so cotton towels are a great way to dry yourself. Next thing up is a blanket, which is definitely a point of contention between men and women. Most men believe as long as there is a towel you do not need a blanket. However the towel needs to be sand free so that you can towel yourself dry. A flat sheet is a great alternate for a blanket if you would like everything to settle into one bag.  However, if that is not a concern then you do get blankets which have their own straps which you can purchase. Again these can be personalized by adding names. Sun tan lotions are another thing, for the guys you can compromise and get a sun spray instead which is easier to apply than a gooey cream.

Putting together a hamper for them

You can order a nice picnic hamper with gourmet items that they like to make their beachside venture into a luxurious romantic one. A lot of companies will help you deliver the hamper to a location of your choice, so it can be a nice surprise for the couple to arrange. This can include cold snack food they can nibble on, with chocolates and champagne or strawberries to get the couple in mood. You can even put in slightly risqué items in the hamper as per their taste.

Arranging a beach activity

Now more often than not you may get bored with just lying around at the beach. Hence it’s a great way to arrange a beach activity for the couple which will get them to do something exciting. Choose something which is out of the ordinary and it can be a new experience for them to enjoy together.

So now you have a few ideas on how you can gift something to the newlyweds which can help them enjoy the location and each other in peace.

Karen Denver, the author, is a freelance writer and a serial blogger. She shares her views on parenting and childcare through her articles. She says she finds shopping for Christmas hampers tiresome but fun.

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