Your wedding day is the only day in your life where you can really splurge on everything from the flowers on the tables to your hairstyle. If you’re not thrilled by the idea of paying so much for your wedding dress, you don’t have to fret about looking second best. You can continue to look fabulous on your big day without spending a lot of money. Here are a few tips for looking great and saving money on your wedding attire.

The Bargain Bridal Shows

Just after the summer, you’ll find advertisements for lots of bridal shows. Companies will offer sample wedding dresses at low prices. This is the height of the wedding season, so you’ll see many more bargains than you would during the spring. If you’re willing to prepare this far in advance, it can save a lot of money.

Many of these shows don’t have dedicated fitting rooms, so you might have to wear a swimming costume underneath your clothes if you want to try them on.

Second-Hand Dresses

You’ll only wear your wedding gown once before it either goes into the back of the wardrobe or is donated to charity. Whilst second-hand dresses might not be your first choice, it can be a good option if you’re preparing your wedding on a budget.

Carefully check the returns policy on second-hand dresses. If you discover later on there’s a stain you didn’t notice before you could have problems getting your money back.

A Non-Traditional Wedding

More weddings have departed from tradition. You don’t have to have a long bridal train to get married. You don’t even need to have a white or ivory colored dress. Some brides are adding color to their weddings. Unless you’re overly fussed about the religious connotations of the wedding, shop outside of dedicated wedding stores.

Try general dress stores. They sell white and ivory dresses and nobody will ever know it isn’t actually a wedding dress.

Shop Online

It’s always cheaper to buy any sort of garment online. These stores don’t have to worry about paying high rental costs for their physical store. With low overheads, they can always beat land-based stores bypassing any savings onto customers. The downside of buying online is you can’t try the dress on first.

Make sure you have your precise measurements taken before shopping online. Buy well in advance of your wedding in case the dress isn’t to your liking and you need to return it.

Borrow, Buy, and Recreate

If you or someone you know is handy with a needle and thread, consider borrowing a dress from a relative and revolutionizing the look. The dress doesn’t need to be your size. You can change the fabric to suit your body shape. Make your own custom wedding dress and have a dress nobody else can possibly have.

You don’t need to borrow a dress if you don’t want to. Feel free to buy a dress from your favorite online store and play around with the look. If you make any alterations, the store will void your right to return the item, though.

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