Weddings can be a huge celebration. Instead of the traditional wedding, many people are making weddings into themed celebrations. The invitation is just one aspect of the creative design. You wouldn’t believe the wedding invitations guests have received. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Movie Announcement Poster Invitation

Since weddings are supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, why not feel like movie stars? Send each of your guests a poster with pictures of you and your fiancé posed like movie stars. All the pertinent wedding information can be listed on the on the wedding poster in the same place the information about the movie is typically entered.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is a popular movie that is used. Insert yours and your fiancé’s names in place of their names on the poster. Alternatively, movie tickets can also be sent along with the poster with a synopsis of the information. This wedding invitation is a lot of fun to make and to receive.

2. Resort Flip-Flops Wedding Invitation

Are you having your wedding at a resort? Send your guests custom-made flip flops with a picture of your fiancé and yourself on each flop. The wedding details can be listed on the flip flops also. The flops can be worn on the day of the beach resort wedding or simply be used for the wedding invitation. This is a great way to get the guests in the mood for the festivities at the resort.

3. The Fold-Out Wedding Invitation

The fold-out or box wedding invitation features information about the wedding on each flap. Directions can be listed on one flap. Information about the bride and groom and their families can be listed on the middle portion of the invitation or the box.

Alternatively, just the bride and groom’s names can be listed in the middle, and detailed wedding information can be listed on one of the flaps. A detachable postcard RSVP can be listed on one flap. If a box is included, a personalized candle tin or other gift can be placed inside the box invitation. This is a creative wedding design.

4. A Newspaper Invitation

A newsletter invitation offers guests information about the couple, the venue and the festivities. This is an excellent way to catch guests up on your relationship and life and also, invite them to an incredible celebration. The wedding invitation can be written like an announcement in the paper. This makes for an excellent keepsake and is more than just an invitation that will be thrown away. The invitation can be kept for a lifetime and can be hung on the wall of a home office or be placed in a family room.

Be Different and More Creative with Your Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations no longer have to be boring. The invitations can be updated and be in keeping with the trends. Consider how increasing your creativity can make your wedding more memorable and festive. Your guests will be glad you did.

Written by Kerstin Kruse

Kerstin has a strong passion in graphic design. She has worked for several Sydney printers creating memorable wedding invitations for clients. She also loves DIY art and craft in her leisure time.