There are many components of a wedding reception, but few are as important as the wedding music. That is because your wedding music will accompany every segment of your reception, as opposed to just one, and it sets the tone for the entire event. Even something as simple as quiet background music can greatly affect the mood of the party. Because music is so integral to your enjoyment ( and that of your guests) on such a big day, it is necessary that you create the right playlist. While a band or DJ should be able to guide you through the process, the major decisions come down to you. Need some help? Here are some tips for how to choose the music for your wedding:

What do you like? This is the best place to start. Your wedding reception music will be the soundtrack for the event, and you will most likely hear it in your mind every time you reminisce on the momentous occasion. You should naturally choose music in the genres you love, and songs that you already have positive associations with.

The first dance. This is arguably the most important dance of the reception, and you should take great care in choosing the perfect song for you and your new spouse. Of course, it goes without saying that you should both love the song; ideally, your song of choice should have special meaning to the two of you (perhaps it signifies an unforgettable moment you shared). Just be sure you can actually dance to the song, and that it is appropriate for the occasion.

Consider your guests. Sure, your wedding is about you, but it is also a celebration for those who love and care about you. (You’re not exactly going to have a great time if your guests aren’t also enjoying themselves.) Therefore, you should take your guests into consideration when choosing your music. For example, if you are catering to a young and lively crowd, then a DJ spinning dance music would be a great idea; on the other hand, if your wedding guest list is mostly comprised of older family members and more formal acquaintances (your boss and her family, for example), then you might want to consider hiring a band to play traditional wedding music.

What to avoid. Stay away from music with offensive lyrics, especially if children and elderly will be at your reception. If there are specific songs you are attached to that might be objectionable to certain guests, then you may want to just hold off on playing it until the end of the night, after the more conservative guests have gone home.

Creating a wedding music track list requires a number of special considerations. Put some time and care into choosing the right music for your wedding. Your memories will be served by those special songs.

About the Author: Loria Hyser and her husband spent a ton of time looking at venues, classic bridesmaid dresses from WeddingtonWay, and even caterers. She hadn’t put much thought into her music until she started contacting DJ’s, only to find they asked a lot of questions about her tastes and themes. Chooes your music carefully. It’ll be a huge part of your day! USA, LLC