While not nearly as important as the big day itself, your engagement party is a time of happiness. You want everything to be perfect, and for your guests to be impressed with your efforts. Set a romantic mood and celebratory attitudes with these backyard décor tips.

Practicality First

Your guests must have a place to sit. Rent some folding chairs and tables, and decorate them with balloons or streamers. This gives your guests somewhere to rest, and puts them in a festive mood. You can use balloons and streamers in a number of other ways as well. You can use them to decorate the buffet table if there is one, or the DJ stand if you have music at your party. You can also use balloons to create an arch for the couple to walk through when they enter the party, and for guests to stand in for picture opportunities. Streamers can also be strung from porches, roof edges, and balconies. You can also use a banner with the couple’s names or simply “congratulations” hung in a prominent place.

Setting the Mood

To set a romantic mood, dig out those holiday decorations and find your icicle lights. String the lights through the trees in the backyard. You can also wind them around poles or support beams of patios and decks. String them from the balconies. Just be certain that you do not create a fire hazard by using streamers and lights in the same place, and always be safe in how you connect all the lights to a power source.

Introduce your fiancé to your more distant friends and family with a timeline or collage of your time together. This can be created quite simply with butcher paper, scrapbooking templates, markers, and some photos of you during your time together. Include when and where you met, your favorite places to go together, and favorite memories that led to this day. Hang the timeline or collage on the outside of the house for everyone to see.

Finally, don’t forget to include some flowers. Create some simple but elegant centerpieces with fresh flowers such as roses or carnations. Scatter flower petals across your banquet table, or the table where the couple will sit with their family. Flowers help to create a romantic mood, make the party more elegant, and put a pleasant aroma in the air. A combination of candles and flowers make great romantic centerpieces, even if the weather is too windy for the candles to remain lit.

Overall, the only limits to decorating your backyard for an engagement party are those imposed by your own imagination. Use your creativity, search the internet for ideas if you get stuck, and have fun with it. Above all, keep in mind that decorations don’t have to cost a fortune, and a reasonable budget can easily be achieved.

Janelle is a gardening enthusiast who loves to work with her clients on their backyard facelift project ranging from designing herb garden to garden maintenance in Brisbane homes. Her dad and her brother are both pool cleaners in Brisbane. Like most other Aussies, Janelle loves to spend her weekends in the backyard with her husband, her 3 year old boy and a golden retriever.

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