Having a terrific wedding cake is like…well, the icing on the cake for your wedding reception. You need a cake that looks beautiful, tastes delicious, and of course, that fits into your budget. But first, you need the right baker to make it. These tips will help you choose a great wedding baker who will make your cake vision come to life.

Review Portfolios

By the time they meet with potential bakers, most brides have a pretty good sense of what style of wedding cake they want. The chances are that you have been clipping magazine pictures or pinning images onto your Pinterest board for a couple of months before you actually start interviewing bakeries. So when you start looking for your wedding baker, begin by looking at their portfolio of work. Does their style generally match yours? Do you see a lot of cakes that you like in their pictures? If so, they will probably be a good fit.

Discuss Their Specialties

While most bakers are quite versatile, each will have their own specialties. Some love working in fondant, while others detest it and work much better with buttercream frosting. There are bakers who make exquisite handcrafted sugar flowers that look more beautiful than the real thing, and others who may not specialize in such advanced techniques. If you want the baker to recreate the look of your bridal gown or your wedding necklace on the tiers of the cake, find out if they enjoy that kind of detailed design work. Those couples who dream of an over-the-top cake sculpture like something you see on tv will need to make sure their baker is experienced in that form of baking. Other bakers will specialize in things like gluten-free or vegetarian cakes. It is not so much that one kind of baker is better than another, just that some will better suit your needs.

Check Their Prices

Budget is obviously a factor in almost any decision you will make while planning your wedding. The price from one bakery to the next can vary considerably. Some of it depends on how complex a design you want, but not all of it. Certainly, the quality of ingredients will be another factor in pricing, but so can things like the popularity of the bakery. In recent years there has been a growing trend of brides ordering simpler cakes from supermarket bakeries, some of which are actually pretty good (and tend to be quite affordable). Remember to find out if they charge extra for delivery to your venue; while you are busy getting into your bridal gown and jewelry for your big day, the last thing you want to deal with is picking up a cake. If you wish to decorate the cake with fresh flowers, find out if you pay the baker for those or your florist.

Go For a Tasting

The best part of choosing your baker is the cake tasting! Every groom’s favorite part of the wedding planning process, the tasting is when you get to go and try samples of the available cake flavors, fillings, and frosting types. Trust your baker to know which combinations work well, and be open to trying some less traditional flavors; you might just be surprised what you end up liking the best. Many couples opt to have a different flavor for each tier. While it can cost more, it is a fun way to please everyone.

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