I’ve read a lot of stuff regarding engagement proposals during the last couple of days. These things range from your typical restaurant proposals, to the most bizarre, awkwardly sweet, and just plain gross ones. Some even ended up on a terrible note. (When I say terrible I do mean terrible – the guy committed suicide after being rejected). So don’t be too optimistic just because you’ve watched a couple of romance movies or something. Welcome to the real world – where everything can go either way.

Got you all scared now, right? Then that’s a good thing. Being in the comfort zone could make you slack off, instead of treating this special moment as something that you can easily pull off. You see, a lot of folks jump to the fray unprepared due to this “comfort”. What they don’t realize is that this could end up making a bad foundation for your marriage. Lucky for you, Brilliance.com has made an Infographic about different facts regarding engagement proposals – a great reference for any guy who wants to pop the question, and get away with the prize in the bag!

Antonio Samson is a multitasker who works for Brilliance Loose Diamonds. As a Search Engine Marketing specialist, he writes for different blogs and sites, while squeezing in his hobby as a musician and a guitarist for a couple of bands.





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