Finding a dress, checking out ceremony venues and picking the perfect honeymoon destination may all come with their own stresses, but for the most part, they are an exciting part of planning a wedding – creating memories for you and your other half to cherish.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for deciding who to invite to your nuptials. Nothing is more challenging in the world of wedding planning than The Guest List. Working out who to invite to the whole day, who to invite to just the reception, juggling multiple families and ensuring all the invites are sent off in time, are just some of the concerns when it comes to finding that right number.

If you’re struggling with writing your guest list, think about the following elements of your wedding for a pain-free approach to invite etiquette.


Picking a theme for your wedding can often help determine the size of the venue you need, and therefore a number of headaches, sorry, guests, you need to invite. A quiet, weekday wedding in a country barn says ‘small, informal wedding’, but if you have your heart set on grand country mansions and sweeping ballrooms, your lavish do will naturally be suited to hosting more people.

Seating Plan

You know you have problems when your table numbers are spanning into double figures. Decisiveness is important when it comes to picking your wedding guests, and bigger isn’t always better. Creating a mock seating plan before the invites go out will give you give you a visual aid that puts into context how many people you’re thinking of inviting, and how many you can actually fit in your reception venue.


As with most high-cost life events, many wedding-related decisions come down to how much money you are able to spend. If you can only afford to pay for 60 guests, then make a mental note of this when you’re jotting down the guest list.

Even the simplest weddings can run into thousands of pounds, and if your friends and family care about you then they should understand that you can’t afford to invite all of them. As a gesture of goodwill –  and to keep your mum happy – invite cousins twice removed to the reception instead.

Facebook Friends vs. Family

If you want a big do with everyone you’ve ever met, poked or worked with in attendance, ask yourself if the above points fit in with this. A great way to sort out the essential guests from the people you feel so-so about is to think about where you see yourself in five or ten years time – if you can see the person in question in your future, then add them to the list.

Do you have any tips on how to work out who to invite? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

Elise Lévêque is a lucky bride-to-be who loves blogging about wedding planning, especially for Wedding & Party Store. Originally from Paris, Elise has fallen for the charms of a British boy and loves to spend her weekends exploring the city that has become her new home. USA, LLC