If you’re planning a wedding, you already know that this joyful time can also be stressful due to all of the decisions that have to make. Choosing a gorgeous wedding gown, a delicious wedding cake and perfect decorations for the reception are all important. You want to make sure that the memories of this special day will last forever. The reception that follows the wedding is for your guests to celebrate your wedding day with you. The table decorations should reflect the feeling of the ceremony and make your guests comfortable while enjoying the food. Here are some ideas for the perfect table centerpiece.

Spring and Summer Weddings

Most brides choose to get married in the Spring or Summer when the sun is shining and the skies are clear. This time of year is also perfect for that honeymoon to a beach resort or some distant tropical island. Spring and Summer weddings are great for outdoor receptions, whether casual or formal.

Beach Receptions: Create a table centerpiece using seashells of different shapes and sizes. Surround the shells with glass vases or hurricane lanterns that are filled with sand and a pillar candle. Make sure the candle is shorter than the vase so it will stay lit if the wind picks up at the beach. For a touch of color, tie a ribbon around the vase, or add some greenery to the table. For extra effects and light, build a fire on the beach, if allowed, near the reception area.

Back Yard Receptions: Create a table centerpiece with floral bouquets in reds, yellows, pinks, and violets. Find a white opaque vase so the stems won’t show. It can be square, rectangular or round, then fill it with colorful flowers. On each table, lay a wired iridescent ribbon loosely around the centerpiece, and tie the same ribbon to each guest chair. For extra effects, hang lanterns of different colors or drape small white lights in the trees.

Fall and Winter Weddings

In the cooler months of Fall and Winter, most receptions will be held inside. Country clubs, banquet halls, and hotels all accommodate wedding receptions with special rooms for privacy. Without the concern for weather conditions, the decorations can be set up further in advance.

Country Club Receptions: Most country clubs have a more formal atmosphere, so this is perfect for a very formal reception. Create a table centerpiece with beautiful candelabras or tall groups of candle holders. Surround the candles with flowers in one color for a more formal effect. Tie ribbons of gold, silver or white to the base of each candelabra and drape along the tables. To dress it up, even more, intertwined strings of pearls or beads on the tables, then add glitter around each centerpiece. If there are chandeliers over the tables, tie ribbons to the bottom of the chandelier.

Casual Inside Receptions: If you don’t want a formal reception, you can create a more casual inside reception in any venue. Create a table centerpiece with seasonal things like pine cones, greenery, twigs and moss, and rocks or pebbles. Fill large clear vases or jars with pine cones, greenery, and twigs for height. Surround the vase with moss and pebbles, then incorporate ribbon in a beautiful fall or winter hue. If you want candles, place small clear holders around the centerpiece and fill them with pillar or block candles in shades of the greenery.

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