We all love weddings and we’ve all been to many of them. Weddings are a special time; a celebration of two people in love who are joining together in a life-long commitment. It’s really an amazing event when you think about it. There’s really nothing else like it in this world.

One thing I’ve always wondered about was the traditions that most people follow when they get married. When did these traditions start? Are we all bound to them, or do we have the option of thinking outside the box?

These questions got me thinking about some unique ideas people could try at their wedding. My objective in thinking of these new ideas was to help people build something new, something that was theirs, and not just something millions of people have done for thousands of years.

Idea #1: The “sign in book”

Why do people have to sign a book or paper when they attend your wedding? Why not something else that you will be more likely to see throughout your married life? How about people sign something like a nice looking poster that you can frame and hang on your wall? Or maybe a nice decorative bench or wooden rocking chair that you keep in your home somewhere. I think signing something that you can leave out in your home as a decoration will help remind you of all the people that attended your wedding.


Idea #2: Why a cake?

Seriously, cakes are good, but why can’t you have something else to celebrate your wedding? How about a giant pile of cream puffs, or maybe a tower of donuts? When you think about it, you really have the option of eating whatever you want. Not only would this add some freshness to the wedding scene, but it would also save the bride’s parents a lot of money because wedding cakes these days are so expensive!

Idea #3: Fingerprint wedding rings.

You may have seen these but it’s a pretty cool idea. Basically, you have your jeweler imprint the bride’s wedding fingerprint on the groom’s ring, and visa-versa. The only issue with this one is that some bride’s rings might not have enough ring space to capture a good part of the groom’s fingerprint. It’s still a cool idea to have the bride’s fingerprint on the groom’s ring.

Bonus idea!

Since you’re an amazing reader I’m going to throw out one more amazing wedding idea for you… Have your incredible wedding photographer rent some kind of camera crane, or suspend a camera from the top of the room, and take some aerial panoramic shots of the entire event. This one might be a little difficult, but it would be really neat to have some shots of the entire group from straight up above.

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