reception photoThe three words from an offspring, that send chills down the spine of every parent; “We’re getting married!” Those words contain more horror to a parents wallet than all the knife cuts in the movie; “Psycho”. The dollars that are involved in the throwing of a wedding are staggering. But, they really don’t have to be. How would you like to know the four ways to save money, when you throw a wedding. No, I am serious!

reception photoThere are four parts to a wedding:

1. The invitations- Here is how you can put your imagination to work. Why not have all the members of the family make homemade invitations? Why spend hundreds of dollars on invitations that will only be used once? Why not get all the colored pencils and parchment paper you need. Homemade invitations are much more personable and intimate.

2. The flowers- What law says that the flowers have to be real? What is wrong with macrame? If you just look at the beauty of macrame flowers, you will see that money can be saved abundantly with macrame flowers.

3. The wedding ceremony- Here there can be a lot of compromises. First, you don’t need a large cathedral. All you need is a large amount of land. How about getting a permit from the city, for the use of a city park? It is outdoors and full of comedy. You know, squirrels. The picnic tables are already there. Who needs to rent tables? All you really need to spend money on is the trestle for the bride and groom.

4. The reception- Why spend gasoline and time traveling to a very expensive auditorium? You are already in a park. Presto, you are already at the reception! You can also have cold cuts and punch from a discount store.

The average cost to throw a wedding will typically be more than several thousand dollars. Weddings are the cornerstone of our society. So, from this writers perspective, the more the merrier. Let’s all share in the joyful events! USA, LLC