The unsuspecting friend that agrees to be your bridesmaid, in most cases, doesn’t have a clue what she is getting herself into. Overwrought with the joy of being asked, she cries out ‘yes of course I will’ whilst imagining herself in a gorgeous dress, flowers in hand and hair coiffed to perfection. What she doesn’t realize is that in reality, she will spend half the night holding up your stunning Vera Wang so that you can use the restroom and the other half hating you for choosing clingy purple bridesmaids dresses that look great on your waif sisters but not so good on her curvaceous self. I don’t want to sound like a cynic because all we know that in the name of friendship she will bear it like a saint and even get you that toaster off your wedding list to boot!

Keep the peace

One thing that she most certainly didn’t anticipate doing was keeping the peace between the aforementioned waif sisters. There’s the older sister who is gutted her baby sister is getting married before she is. The middle sister with the embarrassing on-off boyfriend who you have had to invite and finally there is the younger sister who can flirt with the whole room at the same time. Spare a thought for her who has to keep them all happy and more importantly, on time!


Being an incredibly considerate bride you have probably decided that you want your chief bridesmaid to make a speech. Cue nausea. That’s her life eaten up with worry and anticipation until the microphone is taken out of her hand and the tears of relief (which everyone will think are tears of joy) are streaming down. Being a true friend (the kind that you wore a matching friendship bracelet with at school) she will tell people how wonderful you are, how you have been such a great friend (conveniently forgetting the last 6 months of Bridezilla hell of course) and how she is sure you will be very happy.


So the disco has gone a little bit flat and you need someone to fire it up again. You say ‘go and have a dance and it will encourage other people to get up’ and up she goes with the elbow marks still in her side. She breaks out her best YMCA and Bee Gee’s point whilst being desperately aware of the clingy dress and leering Uncle Terry over at the bar. The ultimate self-sacrifice comes when your dad decides to get up and a-ga-do-do-do, push a pineapple and shake a tree and there she stays singing a hula melody.

This is an ode to the humble bridesmaid. A shout out to the ‘you can shorten it and wear it again’ martyrs. Most of all it is a light-hearted reminder to cherish those women who really would do anything to ensure that you have the happiest day of your life!

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