A long-term relationship requires compromise and stability. There are many people who refuse to compromise and this puts a strain on the relationship. If you feel pulled in one direction but your partner will not budge here are tips to help you make your relationship last through the tough part.


Sometimes couples make plans without checking in with one another. This can cause a distance between the two and increase tension. If this has happened to you or you did this the best thing to do is communicate openly and immediately.  The healthiest couples have their own stuff going on then they can come together in the relationship. Make sure you continue to do things you enjoy. And tell your partner about them, but you don’t need to revolve your life around your partner. Just check in and share what you plan to do. The open communication is one of the best ways to connect and keep the fling going.

Look at All Angles

If you are in an argument with your lover chances are you are not in a happy place. If you want to feel better then step aside and literally picture yourself in the persons shoes. This role-playing can help. If you put yourself in a different position to try to see how they see it, you may feel more inclined to not be as angry. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us, and this trick can help calm those unwanted feelings faster. Challenge your partner to do the same and you will both be able to see each others perspective.

Play Together

You have heard the saying, couples that play together stay together but what about couples that play together don’t really fight. This is usually the case for couples that choose to have fun together. Rather than focusing on serious topics or things that bother each one of you, choose to focus on the positive aspects.

Get into A Routine

The same way couples that play together say together aspect can be applied to couples that get into a flow and routine together. Wake up every morning and brush your teeth together, floss together, brush your hair together. Getting ready for your day is a smart way to be connected. And something as little as brushing your teeth together can help make a profound impact on your overall mode. Start each morning with a lighthearted game, hug or laugh. you will feel better throughout the day.

For more health advice visit TenderCare Dental, a Dentist in Tigard. Shannon Kaiser is a blogger for the Oregon health community.

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