Everyone wants their special day to also be special for their guests. What bride doesn’t want their friends and family impressed by all the little details she put into her wedding planning? There are ways that you can make your wedding day standout while still utilizing some of the most popular wedding offerings and activities—just make them your own!

Family Heirloom Bouquet

As the bride, you want to stand out. Instead of carrying a bouquet of flowers, have relatives give your heirlooms such as broaches, pendants, or hair combs and turn them into your bouquet. Assemble the bouquet with wire from the craft store so that you can return the pieces after the wedding. Not only will the sparkle and color stand out against all the other flowers, but you will also have something old, borrowed, and maybe even blue!

Wooden Spoon Guest Book

Instead of having your average, run-of-the-mill guest book, why not put those special messages on something you will actually use? Wooden spoons are always a must have in the kitchen and when you cook, you can be reminded of all the special things your guest had to say to you. Just leave a large container of wooden spoons at the entryway with permanent marker—later coat the spoons in a finish so that the marker doesn’t run or seep into any of your food.

Popcorn Bar

The recent trend at weddings has been to have a large candy bar stocked with favorites so your guests can bring something sweet home. Try a twist on that and offer different varieties of gourmet popcorn for your guests to snack on. The gourmet popcorn will surely be something that your guest haven’t seen at a wedding before—and will have them talking about your special day for weeks to come.

Video Booth

The picture booths like you would find on a boardwalk have become very popular at weddings. They offer a chance for guests to take silly pictures to give to the bride and groom or to keep as a memento to remember the day. Shake things up a bit and instead offer a video booth where your guests can go and record messages—they will surely get interesting as the night progresses, especially if you have an open bar. Then, take all of the footage and have it made into a copulation DVD that you can then mail to your guests. If a picture says a thousand words, a video must say a million.

Mercedes Potter is an elite writer with unique ideas on how to make your wedding day anything but traditional. Follow her @CedesPotter to see what else she’s been blogging about.

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