Buying gifts is hard.  I have never been brilliant when it comes to buying presents, but with my first wedding anniversary coming up I have had to learn how to shop. I don’t want to be one of those guys who forget their anniversary, or fails when it comes to buying presents for his wife.  I know it’s not considered to be manly sometimes but I really do love my wife and I’m so grateful for everything she does for me, therefore I need to find perfect presents for her just to let her know.

The Internet is So Useful Especially if You Hate Shopping Like Me

When shopping on the high street I find it can be a little bit stressful.  I hate having so much to look at and being surrounded by people all the time.  I also dread it when a friendly assist comes up to me asking if they can help.  I like to spend time looking for things on my own, and that’s why I am so impressed with online shopping.

Since discovering online shopping I have managed to find fantastic presents for my entire family and my wife.  I find it really easy to sit in my armchair with the laptop and a beer and surf through amazing gifts without having to barge past people or deal with pushy sales assistants.  I can see why women enjoy it so much, I just need to keep focused as I always get sidetracked and find loads of ideas for my own wish lists.

Ideas for a Perfect Present

Anyway if you are a guy like me who hates to shop you may find my ideas to be of use. Buying a gift is a brilliant way of earning some brownie points and a happy wife will mean a happy you.  That’s not the main reason for buying a gift of course, but it’s a bonus.  First off I hugely recommend shopping online for all the reasons I have already mentioned, plus you can find some great stuff that isn’t on the high street and the prices are great. Secondly, put some serious thought into it and make sure each gift is personal or something that your wife would really like.  Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Women seem to be really into jewelry.  If you don’t feel confident in finding the right necklace, bracelet or rings why not choose a jewelry box instead.  There are lots of lovely silver and ornate boxes which can be engraved with anything you want to say. Your wife will love the thought and it’s a practical gift to keep their special items in.
  • Wining and dining seem to go down well.  I treated my wife to a home cooked meal (nothing spectacular but I never cook so it really didn’t matter).  I made us some food and brought us some nice wine which I presented in some stunning cut glasses engraved with her name. She loves those glasses and always pulls one out for her glass of wine on a Friday night after work.
  • Something which can be treasured need not take hours to find. I have just purchased a silver photo frame and had a print made up of the two of us and our dog to celebrate our first twelve months as man and wife. I hope to repeat buying this gift and placing an up to date picture of us and our family as it grows for as long as we love together. It’s simple but thoughtful and something which can be treasured and showed off in the home.

Being a bloke doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any thought into your anniversary.  I love my wife and I know she loves me, we’re lucky and it’s important to recognize how special our relationship is.

If you are struggling to find wedding anniversary gifts take a look online.  You will find plenty of excellent ideas to inspire you.