After walking down the aisle as a Miss, and back up married, you’re bound to be looking forward to celebrating in style with your loved ones. The wedding breakfast is the first opportunity you’ll get to unwind and relax with your new partner.

But as well as decorating your reception room, you shouldn’t neglect your tables. The tables where your guests are seated are traditionally numbered. However, you can really put an individual stamp on them, by naming them something unique. Here are 7 great ideas for wedding table names:

Places of Significance

If you and your partner have holidayed or traveled a lot, naming your tables after places of significance is a great idea. Start with where you met, and end with the top table as where you’re going on a honeymoon. You can also add photos of you in these destinations or just snaps of iconic places there. You could then incorporate themed favors to make each table stand out.


Focused your wedding on a specific color palette? Then why not name your tables after variations of this shade. For example; if your scheme is blue name tables ‘baby’, ‘navy’ etc. You could then dress each table in these specific shades, or just tie the theme together with the names. This is simple but effective,


Why not bring your tables to life by naming them after different plants, trees, or flowers? This will help you choose the centerpieces for each table while keeping a consistent theme. You could choose flowers that are at their peak in the season you’re getting married – such as blossom in the spring – or just pick those that are in your bouquet.

Significant to your Theme

Tying your table names into your theme is simple and easy, especially for couples who don’t feel very creative. Having a Christmas wedding? Why not name your tables after Santa’s reindeer for a cute and quirky touch? If you’re getting married at Easter, you could name the tables after your favorite chocolates.


Simple, but oh so effective, why not call each of your table ‘love’ in a different language. You can then add favors that are representative of that country to help people guess where they are sat. Another idea is to use images that represent love. Not necessarily hearts like tradition – the things that mean ‘love’ to you as a couple. Whether that long walks or snuggling up to watch a movie.

Famous Couples

Romeo and Juliet, Fred and Ginger, Micky and Minnie – some of the worlds’ most in-love couples and perfect inspiration for your table names. This is a simple, but effective way to name your tables without being too over the top. You could even name your tables after loved-up couples such as your parents, and grandparents.

Random Numbers

Not sure that names are for you? Then stick to numbers, but pick random and significant ones. Maybe the age you met, the date you got engaged or even the wedding date? Or even pick random ages and add photos of you both at those ages to the tables. This adds a sweet, personal touch and gives your guests something to giggle at during their meals.

Naming your tables should be a fun activity to undertake with your partner. Make a decision that is meaningful to you as a couple, and is easy to implement. This is a really simple but effective way to bring your wedding to life, and show off your personalities. USA, LLC