With family and friends scattered around the country or even around the globe, it makes a lot of sense to send out save the date cards before your wedding. This allows everyone plenty of time to make travel arrangements so they can be there for your special day. The save the date cards also allow the bride and groom a chance to show off their personalities and their creativity. Check out some of the most fun ideas for save the date cards for weddings.

The Personal Timeline: A very cute idea is to put a timeline of your relationship on your save the date cards. Guests will enjoy learning a little more of the backstory that led up to the wedding to which they will be invited. It is also a chance to help more far-flung relatives get to know something about your “better half” before they show up at the wedding. Just be sure to use the sanitized “PG” version of your relationship story; you don’t want people to be thinking, “They met HOW?”, when they see you walk down the aisle in your pretty white dress and sparkly jewelry on your special day!

A Printed Balloon: I love this idea! Print your save the date details on balloons and slip them into envelopes. When your guests receive them, all they have to do is inflate the balloon to read your message. It would be great to do this on balloons in your wedding colors if you have already picked them out. No matter what, it is sure to be one of the more memorable save the date notices your guests have seen.

Hobby Theme Save the Dates: Anyway that you can show your interests and hobbies in your wedding it will add character. Start things off with save the dates based on your favorite pastime. For instance, if you love to read, make bookmarks with your photos and wedding date on them. Or if you both adore golf, have the details printed on golf balls (admittedly the shipping could get a bit expensive, but still, what fun!). Or if the bride adores crafting, she could do some beautiful stitching on heavy paper. These are a terrific way to spread the word about your wedding while also sharing something about yourselves with your guests.

Video Save the Date: These days anything is possible with technology. One of the most adorable marriage proposals circulating around the Internet this year was a stop-motion movie made with Lego mini figures; why not make your own little film for your save the dates? You could dress up in retro clothing and vintage earrings to make a film with retro flair. Or do something using clay figures or drawings, or anything else that sparks your imagination. Who could say no to such a creative and original wedding save the date?