Purchasing jewelry for the woman you love may seem like a daunting task. Nonetheless, the idea of buying jewelry shouldn’t bring on night terrors. The buying process should be an enjoyable and gratifying event that results in a piece of jewelry you’ll be proud of and she’ll treasure forever. Keeping these all too common jewelry store missteps in mind will help ensure your experience is all it should be.

Not Doing Your Homework

Buying jewelry is a considerable emotional and financial investment. Still, the majority of men step foot into a jewelry store with very little knowledge or familiarity when it comes to shopping for jewelry. With a vast number of resources at your fingertips via the Web, there is no excuse for not doing a little research. Learn what the different carat weights are, bone up on the different metals used in fine jewelry and their properties and familiarize yourself with the 4 C’s of diamonds.  Train your eye to pick up on cues that indicate the quality of a particular piece of jewelry.  Establishing at least a cursory knowledge of what to look for in jewelry will boost your confidence and, most importantly, tip the odds of success in your favor.

Choosing A Shady Retailer

Pick a jewelry retailer you can trust. There are far too many horror stories out there involving novice jewelry buyers being fooled by unscrupulous sellers trying to make a quick buck. Compounding the problem is the fact that many less-established jewelry retailers fail to provide customers with any channel for having their concerns addressed.

Larger, well-respected jewelry retailers won’t just have a wider range of offerings to choose from, they’ll also have a clearly defined return policy you can put your faith in.  Knowing there is a means of being reimbursed if your jewelry purchase fails to live up to your (or her) expectations makes this significant investment less of a risk.

Disregarding The Recipient’s Personal Style

Picking the right piece of jewelry for a special lady in your life involves having a sense of what her tastes are. Knowing her jewelry preferences when it comes to both style and type is essential to a positive shopping experience. In too many instances, men head into the buying process with not so much as a hunch.  A woman’s taste in jewelry is as distinctive as her character.

Does she prefer showy or subdued? What kinds of jewelry does she wear-necklaces, rings, bracelets? Is there a particular gemstone or diamond cut she loves? What type of fine jewelry metal does she like silver, gold, platinum? Getting this information may take some subtle questioning and, at the very least, a peek inside her jewelry box. But once you’ve constructed a picture of her jewelry tastes and habits shopping for her will become less of a challenge.

Letting Cost Do All The Talking

This faux pas can work in both directions. Opting for a low-priced but poor quality piece isn’t really a value and may not be met with the same excitement. Conversely, choosing a piece only because it’s expensive is equally foolish. Ultimately, the style inclinations of your recipient and the physical quality of the piece should be the determining factors. Most people are going to have a budget and that’s smart. But don’t let cost alone hijack your decision making. Even if you’re pinching pennies, very affordable, high-quality options exist.

Trisha Fern loves jewelry, fashion, and trends and loves to blog about them.