Being in a long-term relationship is great but how do people keep that little spark in their relationship. It is not all about expensive gifts, 5-star holidays and the designer wardrobe the simple things in life mean more to people and are more personal to your partner.  Below are some tips and advice on things you can do that don’t cost any money but keep that spark going and show that somebody special in your life just what they mean to you.

Romantic drive- drive out somewhere near to where you live up into the hills, this might be somewhere overlooking a certain place and just reflect back and think about what you have together.

Surprise her with a hot bath and candles when she arrives home from work. Make her relaxed and feel special.

Cook your partner Dinner- instead of eating out make your partner a nice meal, this may be their favorite and make it extra special with table decorations and some music in the background.

Have a bunch of flowers delivered to your partner’s work or at home out of the blue and surprise them with a nice note or poem added to this.

On a summers evening instead of going out have a drink together in the garden and sit back and watch the stars together until it’s dark.

Exercise together- Your partner may need some confidence or help when exercising so take the dogs out for a walk or get out on bike’s together.

Send your partner a text out of the blue one day just saying how much you love them. Invite her friends to one night, it’s important she keeps a friendship and her friends will be more open to the relationship.

There are loads of different ways to make it personal but a favorite is every morning whether its face to face, over the phone or even a text always start it by saying ” morning beautiful ” every day they know that somebody is thinking about them and puts a smile on their face.

A relationship is about enjoying somebody’s company, enjoy having them around you and also having that spark their knowing that every day with them is different and also special. When you do things together in a relationship they should benefit both people and always be remembered that’s why your with them.

Katie Arch writes on behalf of Go Dating Single Solutions