Outdoor events are naturally more frequent during the summer months, with people coming up with all kinds of crazy event ideas to organize outside.  Outdoor events with a marquee provide a wonderful environment under the glorious sun or on a balmy summer’s evening which is at the same time sheltered yet in the open air. But with the great British summertime being what it is, modern marquees have adapted and can now be used under any type of weather condition.

Naturally, people tend to think that outdoor events are not suitable for winter. But in reality, the heating system of a marquee is very robust and dependable. And of course, even during the summer, heating can become necessary when the temperature suddenly drops or if there is a massive downpour! Installing the heating system costs a little more, but it certainly worth it considering the comfort when there is bad weather outside.

It’s relatively easy to warm up a marquee during the summer; just a normal heater can do it in minutes. But heating a marquee in winter is a totally different story. Blasting heat from one random heater will not work; two or more heaters have to be placed inside the marquee strategically so that the heat reaches every corner of the space evenly – and of course, it’s essential that the toilet areas are also well heated!

As long as you are dealing with the heating in an adequate way, holding winter events in an outdoor marquee can be very successful. Instead of being cooped up inside all winter, beat the devil and get outside! Here are a few ideas for fun winter events that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Camping Near a Historical Site

During the winter, if everything is damp or covered with snow, camping in a regular campsite may not be the best idea. However, while camping in nature is a bit far-fetched, camping on a historical ruin is totally possible. Take a day out with your friends, make some hearty winter foods such as chili and baked potatoes, and enjoy your time inside a warm marquee with your favorite people. Before camping, you should, of course, check out the weather forecast and be prepared in case of truly terrible weather.

Star Gazing

Winter nights are long and the sky is much clearer during this time than any other time of the year. If you have an enthusiasm for evenings or even a curiosity about the heavenly bodies above us, then a stargazing event can be perfect for you. You can place the telescope outside of a marquee and come inside whenever it feels too cold.  Coffee, hot chocolate and a barbecue on a clear winter’s night is a beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors at the coldest time of year.  The company of a few good friends can make that night one of the most unforgettable nights of your life.

And there’s no need to move all your usual marquee events indoors just because it’s winter. You can still hold all your parties and wedding receptions in a large marquee as long as you take the appropriate measures to heat it properly and make sure it’s weather-proof! It may, of course, cost slightly more for a heating system and all, but in the end, you will probably be happy because it’s the beautiful memories that remain, not the bill of payment.

So instead of hiding inside and being constrained by the cold weather all season, hire a marquee and take your event outside for a truly memorable way to celebrate your occasion in the winter.