With the popularity of the world wide web today, majority of travel itineraries, be it for leisure or business, are easily booked within a click of a button. The good old system of scouring through one airline to another in search of a flight at a cheaper price and at a convenient time is simple and easy today. Consumers have adjusted to the idea of getting to book trips months ahead of travel to take advantage of the low rates. This goes the same as with car rental services and hotel accommodation; the earlier the booking, the cheaper the rates are.

As the said system has now become the primary way frequent travelers plan a trip, a problem has emerged. Most especially during off peak season, prices of airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel rooms seem to drop lower – even lower than the original, 2 months in advance, booking price. Even worse, majority of the online reservation sites have either conditional refunds only or non-refundable purchases. Consumers are left to settle, trapped helpless in the gridlock between getting cheaper tickets and having to pay extra for the exact same flight, room, or rental.

Thanks to vigilant entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers, we are all saved. Believe it or not, 3 sites are now devoted into getting the best price possible for online purchase of airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and car rental services. Not only do they inform buyers of a price drop but they also automatically facilitate refunds. Sounds impossible? See them for yourselves and try them out to save not only your money, but also your time and the entire trip itself.

Yapta.com for Airline Tickets

Yapta submits the traveler’s flight details to several airline companies, allowing for alerts to be sent in case ticket prices have reduced before the actual travel date. Thus, the consumer is eligible for a partial or full price drop refund voucher. There are only a few airlines in the US able to issue the said vouchers, Alaska and JetBlue give the entire amount fare drop while other companies still deducts about $150 or so from the refund.

Tingo.com for Hotel Reservations

As hotel room prices fluctuate frequently depending on availability, seasonal peak, and even local events, like weddings, conventions, etc. With Tingo, the site allows for automatic price checks and refunds in case there is a price drop between the time of the online booking to the traveler’s arrival. Email alerts will be received, highlighting the change in the price and also notifying that you have been booked into the same room, same dates only at a lower rate. No need to wait for another customer to book the same room, like in Orbitz’ Price Assurance Program.

Autoslash.com for Car Rentals

Since car rentals aren’t to be paid for unless the car is to be pulled out and used, getting a great deal for car rentals is easy as pie. At Autoslash.com, booking a car rental at the site enables the system to continuously check for lower prices and even for discount codes which can be used for the specific rental provider. Same as in Tingo, Autoslash will notify the traveler has been rebooked with a lower rate for the rental. This is ultimately handy for seasonal travelers planning on family trips months and months ahead of actual traveling date.