After the exchange of I do’s and the wedding vows, the newlywed’s great shining moment would be during their wedding toast. Since the bride and the groom have proclaimed their undying love to the world, the wedding speech is all about giving back the love to their family and friends.


In the old days, it is the groom who usually gives the wedding speech on behalf of the couple. However, since the bride has such a huge part in the planning of the entire event it’s been common to see brides give out their toast as well – plus let’s face it, it is the bride’s grand day as well. Either the couple stands up on the podium and takes turns sharing the limelight on their own speech or they both get to individually give their own toast to the other, along with their special thanks and greetings.


Though entertaining and memorable as it seems, pinning down the wedding speech is one hard task to tackle. Browsing through wedding forums and simply chatting with wedding planners, a lot of newlyweds have somehow messed up their own wedding day through an unfortunate slip during the toasts. The perfect wedding speech isn’t so hard to write, here are a few elements that could help brew the perfect wedding toast for the most amazing couple.


Start with the basics. As in any public speech, starting is hard and setting the mood is harder. Commonly, other members of the bridal party, like the best man and the maid of honor, go first in giving their own toasts to the happy newlyweds. Quotes are great when it comes to giving a more formal tone and a firm introduction to what’s going to be said next. It is also possible to quote the previous toasts, especially the funny joke from the groom’s childhood best friend or the heartfelt wishes from the bride’s sister. As for lighting up the room with jokes, only start a speech with them if it is a sure hit with the crowd and if it perfectly suits the couple’s own character.


Words of gratitude. Thank the key people involved in making the day perfect. Mention the vendors through the owner’s name and also the company name. Do them a favor and do a little bit of advertising for the other single women who loved the service as well. Appreciate those friends and family members who had to ride a plane, train, bus, boat or car going to the special day of the couple. Take note to keep this part as quick but as sincere as possible so as not to bring down the momentum of the crowd.


Family Ties. It is essential not to forget mentioning family members, especially if the wedding is hosted by either of the parents. Thank the parents and the siblings who have graciously extended their help during the entire planning process. For the other side, make sure to welcome the spouse’s family and thank them too for all the help and the hospitality.


Unforgettable memories. Couples adore them and guests are thrilled by them – memories simply make speeches outstandingly special and personal. Ideal memories for storytelling would be the moment the couple met, the first date, the proposal, or the first trip outside the country. Pick one scene which solidifies the partner’s lovable character, and through that quality, he or she is loved by family and friends. Steer clear of secrets, most embarrassing experiences and even those that are for the bedroom, remember that there are kids in the audience. Keep it short, sweet and clean.


Bring it home with love. End the speech with a bang and throw the spotlight to your beloved. A few ideas to start off would be that feeling when you saw each other as the groom awaits the bride by the altar. The entire day is really about you and your partner, so cherish the lasting moment of love as you both start a new journey together.


Don’t get drunk or be drinking before and even during the speech. Also, it would be best to have the speech written on a piece of paper or have an outline of the important points. Speak clearly in an audible voice and enjoy the moment. There are no perfect speeches, after all, just great ones which make the day truly unforgettable.