One big and essential perk of planning your wedding early is that there is ample time for finding the great deals around town and on the net. Yes, that is right – even wedding items do get discounts and are put up for markdown every once in a while. The trick is simply on how to find them.

Generally, markdown sales and discounts are common during the off-peak months and also during the lean months. Here are a few tips on how to score great deals for the wedding.

Off-peak is off price. As stated before, anything bought or booked during the off-peak season is absolutely a bargain. If the wedding day falls on a weekday or is right after the peak season, there is a big chance that hotel rooms and reception locations all would be cheaper. Booking hotel rooms by the block or by the floor are said to be more practical because of the discount that hotels give the bride and the groom, but then it is on a case to case basis, depending on the management and the availability.

Coupon mania. Search the web for handy online deals and coupons. Others have tried typing in the name of a specific company and then adding in the word “coupon” at the end to be able to search thoroughly for hidden discounts. Not only could it help for the favors and gift bags, it is also handy for those big wedding suppliers who give out online coupons as well. Browse through wedding forums and don’t forget to check out Groupon, too.

Seasons of savings. If the wedding day isn’t for another year, then score amazing cuts on the prices during winter and summer. Sample sales on bridal gowns are hyped at this time of the year and prices are more than 50% off the original designer gown price. However, since these are sample gowns, they also come in sample sizes. Dry cleaning and alteration are additional expenses but then it is a small price to pay for that dream designer wedding gown, right?

Bulk buy and bulk book. It is a bit wasteful to be on a shopping spree when it comes to bulk buying. The entire trip ends up with items that aren’t much needed on for the wedding day itself or that are going to be expired by the time the wedding day comes. Opt for booking services in bulk as vendors give reasonable prices when they are booked for more than one aspect. For the caterers, choose one who also makes wedding cakes and saves hundreds when paying for the cake cutting fees and the actual transport of the cake on the wedding day. When choosing a photographer, preferably one who can also offer videography at the same time. It’ll be cheaper and at the same time, it lessens the number of people the bride and the coordinator need deal with.

Make a list and stick to it. Although there is a buy one take one offer on blue candles, still stick to the original plan of buying orange ones. Don’t get carried away with the discounts because chances are, whatever is saved money-wise will be replaced by wasted time and effort. Brides usually think they can buy a cheaper option and then DIY the rest to make it match the wedding theme. This would work if there were enough time and enough help, but the wedding is already fast approaching, it simply wouldn’t work. The giveaways may have given you savings but it has robbed you of your priceless sleep.

Overall, efficient planning and meticulous searching can help score those big-ticket discounts. Make sure to have a clear idea of what you are looking for even before hitting the stores. Don’t buy because of the sale, but rather buy because of the item and then be happy if it’s on sale. USA, LLC