The wedding vows are one of the most special details of the entire wedding day as it is also the most exciting moment for both the bride and the groom.  For most churches and faiths, there are specific vows already made for the formal ceremony proper. However, if the couple should wish to exchange their own personal vows within the ceremony, talk if it could be arranged with the minister or priest.

After polishing the plans with the wedding celebrant and the organizers, the next step is one of the most dreaded – writing the wedding vows. Here are a few important points to remember when writing your wedding vows.

When to write. Ideally, it is better to write the vows together with your partner. Since the entire wedding is a shared experience, why not throw in the intimate vow writing session and have it mark the start of your lifetime adventure together. Others write down their vows about a month before the wedding and some a week. If the priest would need to check the vows before the wedding, then there would be a need to write them down early. If not, schedule the writing session with your hubby-to-be within a week before the wedding.

How to write. Clear your mind and try to lock away all the wedding-planning fuss. In a quiet room, try to ponder on your relationship with your fiance. Browse through photos and read through old love letters if it helps you reminisce everything you have gone through with your loved one. Also, be aware of how you would want your vows to sound like, it should perfectly suit your personality as a couple and even as individuals. You can opt for a witty and bubbly approach or may have a more romantic and poetic vow, the more the style feels comfortable for you, the better.

What to write about. First outline the unforgettable milestones of your relationship. It could be the first date, the grand proposal, or the first anniversary. For an alternative start, highlight your best features as individuals and then as a couple. Highlight the difference he has brought to your own personality and life. Also, narrate one scene which simplifies his importance to you or an event which made you decide that he is “the one”. Add in the actual promises, make sure they are not too corny though – it’s still a wedding and it is a formal event.

Keep it real, keep it short. After pouring on and on about your undying love and eternal promises, read out loud what you have written. Cut out a few parts and concentrate on the ideas which are essential and wow-worthy. Avoid redundancies and keep the entire vow about a minute long only, we wouldn’t want Grandma to fall asleep right in the middle of the ceremony proper right?

Counter-check and double check. Read your vows to your partner to be sure that you both are on the same page. He might have promised you an entirely different thing from what was written on your own vows. Reserve some of the intimate and really personal sentiments for the letters you both may exchange at the morning of the wedding.

The most important thing to remember is to bring your vows to the wedding, That’s right, it has been a common mistake of brides, and sometimes the grooms too, to leave the vows behind at the hotel room or at their homes. On the bright side, the vow will truly be from your heart once it is said and made right there and then, impromptu style. All that matters is that you and the love of your life are finally getting married to start your own happily ever after. USA, LLC