Like in fairy tales, the wedding day comes once the princess finally finds her charming prince. A grand celebration then takes place as everyone joins the newlyweds in cherishing that special moment when they exchanged I do’s. Then, they all live happily ever after. For the stories, that may be true but in real life, all the party memories may not last a lifetime for the happy couple.

Enter the wedding videographers, or cinematographers as they are now fondly called. These teams of professionals do everything in their might to fully cover each and every detail of the wedding in video form. Although it is similar to wedding photos in the sense that it documents the highlights of the wedding day, it is pricier to hire a videomaker but then the upside is that real-time audio can be experienced along with the moving pictures.

With a huge chunk of the entire wedding budget allocated for the video alone, how can you make sure that you spot the perfect wedding videographer? Here are a few items to need to know about weddings and videos.

Know what works for you and your partner. In videography, there may be two ways of covering a wedding day – one is the cinematic storytelling type and the other is the documentary kind. While the straightforward approach of the documentary type is simpler and more comprehensible, the movie-like love story video in cinematic form appeals to the couple’s own salute to love. View wedding videos online to be more familiar with the said styles and keep an eye out on what would be best suitable for the wedding theme you both have planned.

Speak the lingo. Since the introduction of digital cameras, there has been a lot of improvements in the videography department. It is good to be aware of what’s in and what’s new in the field before getting to pick the right crew for the job. HD stands for high definition, it means that the video is clear and in top-notch quality. The video can be viewed on wide screens and projectors without affecting the clarity and depth of the picture. Raw footage simply refers to the collective clips shot with the camera left as it is. It is post-processed through cutting and pasting clips together to form a clean, smooth video sequence.

Get down to the basics. Video packages usually include the entire documentation of the entire day, about 1 to 2 hours of edited clips from the preparation until the newlywed’s exit at the reception. Some companies allow couples to view raw footage before the editing while other companies only include the full ceremony, speeches, and dances in the final output. A highlight video features all of the day’s most important events encapsulated to fit a song’s duration. Take note of what is included in the package and also be mindful of the number of hours the studio usually allows per wedding.

The Same Day Edit. It has been a big trend in the wedding industry – anyone in the wedding videography field surely offers SDEs or On-site Edits. These are a bit similar to the highlights videos, all of the day’s main events beautifully summarized into a song about 4 to 5 minutes long. However, SDEs are shown immediately during the reception. The couple gets an amazing look back on what took place earlier during the most memorable day of their lives. Since it is special and it takes a lot of skill and experience to be able to pull off an edit hours after the vows, same day edits are pricey and the projector is also another element that bumps up the entire cost. On the upside, guests do love seeing a clearer view of the vows and the first kiss.

So feel free to meet wedding videographers around your area, the closer they are to the wedding venues, the better. Along with the perfect soundtrack, the crisp lighting, and the heartfelt emotions, the fairy-tale ending to your love story may be transformed into an everlasting memory immortalized in a handy disc.

Contributor Information:: Georgia Catalan | USA, LLC