“Have you ever wondered what makes every bride beautiful? Just as newborn babies, brides past and present are said to be beautiful. Is it the dress, the hair, the make-up, something internal or something intrinsic; or is it simply that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? I’ll venture to say that it has to be something intrinsic or fundamental to all brides past and present, without regard to boundaries such as size or complexion.”

From the moment the question is “popped” and she says yes, the Princess in the bride-to-be seems to emerge and the transformation begins. Whether it’s a large wedding, small wedding, or with the Justice of the Peace, historically even a Bridezilla will appear to physically transform when standing hand in hand with her groom. Brides of all ages appear to revert to the age-old tale of Cinderella as they embrace the notion of being a Princess for a day. This basic concept is visible in every bridal snap shop or portrait, previously done in black and white or in today’s colors. It is a look that says, I am beautiful and I know it!”

Potential brides go to great length to ensure that they are indeed beautiful on that special day. Some begin to search for “the dress” soon after the date is set. That image has probably been engrossed in her mind since receiving her first doll. Some brides may choose to wear their mother’s wedding dress or some other family heirloom while others may choose to shop until they drop. They may choose to hit the catalogs, local stores, or may even travel to larger cities such as Atlanta or New York in search of the dress. Store after store, and dress after dress she’ll search until finally she looks in the mirror and says “this is the one”. From there on, it’s lights, action, but no cameras yet.

There’s has also been that age-old dilemma of what style to wear – curly hair or straight hair, short or long, wigs or (today) a weave. Whatever the desired outcome, there is a solution. In the past, brides had minimal choices in the selection of a hairstyle for that special day. Today, the choices of hairstyles are truly extensive. You can bet, as Princess for a day, brides have always aspired to have every strand, purchased or not, in place on that special day as she flashes a beautiful smile for her Prince.

The dress and the hair-do withstanding, the innate glow of every bride, supplies the beauty that is reflected on each bride’s face, in each negative or digital print and boldly states, “Yes, I am beautiful!”

Author: Vera Lee Brown