Wedding Day Transportation Planning

One of the most important details that you should carefully look at when planning your wedding is that of transportation. When you take into consideration just how many hours and thousands of dollars go into planning your wedding, it only makes sense that you and your spouse have a grand entrance.

The right transportation among the day’s locations is a critical factor to facilitate you and your spouse’s dramatic arrival and will ensure that everyone in your entourage will arrive on time. Hence, if you haven’t thought of your wedding day’s transportation yet, below is a guideline that you can follow to score the right transportation on your special day.

Transportation Types

When it comes to the mode of transportation on your wedding day, not just any wheel will do. You will have to figure out a mode of transportation for you and your spouse-to-be, your family and attendants, and for some of your out of town guests. Hence, it will make a lot more sense if you hire a transportation service to make things an easier for everyone.

Transportation for Bride and Groom

For the two of you, there is no shortage of clever ways to get from one location to the next. Keep in mind that many vehicle vendors can provide more than just limos or upscale town vehicles. From vintage rides to luxury sports vehicles, you will never run out of choices. At the most, you would want to go for something that will reflect you and your partner’s personality and will also befit your budget.

Transporation for Family members and out-of-town Guests

As for the family members and attendants, you will have to determine first how many people actually need a lift as well as who needs to ride together as this will help you identify the type of vehicle to rent. Although it is not actually your responsibility to get your guests around, it is a form of courtesy to provide a vehicle for traveling guests.

Probably the most cost-effective option you can go for when thinking of transporting family members, attendants and out-of-town guest is to recruit a relative to do carpooling. However, if you are thinking of renting, find an option that will suit your budget and will accommodate everyone. Do not disregard bigger modes of transport such as vans and buses since they can hold more people and are actually a lot more economical than limos and town cars.

Transportation Schedule and Timeline

Whatever means of transportation you decide to get, consider making a schedule and timeline and make sure that you wiggle at least 20 to 30 minutes of pad time for every trip. Bear in mind that most vehicle vendors charge by the hour (usually 3-4 hours), so it pays to compute the total hours needed from pickup to drop off. Also consider unexpected delays, traffic and possible waiting time. Being able to determine these things first-hand will allow you to properly set your budget.

Transportation Vendors

Of course, if you are planning to rent vehicles, you need to check several vendors. Thumb through the phone book or you may also ask for referrals from friends. Better yet search online and browse through the photos of the companies’ cars, check their prices and review their policies. To make your search easier, narrow down your selection to at least 3 vendors. Contact the companies and discuss your options and make sure to ask questions and things that may concern you. Also, make an appointment to get a first-hand look at their vehicles. Based on how you evaluated the companies, pick the one that you think offers you the best option.

Book Transporation in Advance

Rental vehicles, especially the formal ones are usually in high demand at certain months. As a rule of thumb, you should reserve the modes of transportation at least six to eight months prior to the wedding so that you will not have to compete with other couples.

When doing your reservations, it will be wise if you do it in person and not over the phone. Get a signed contract with the vehicles of your choice and make sure that what the company has offered to you is in writing.

Paying for Transporation Services

Traditionally, the bride’s family is responsible for paying the transportation and parking, with an exemption of getting the groom and the best man to the event. However, nowadays, the groom’s side can step in to provide financial support to fund the transportation or in most cases, you and your spouse-to-be will shoulder all of the transportation expenses.