How To Plan A Garden Theme Wedding

Your wedding is the most magical moment in your life. There are a lot of romantic wedding themes you can choose. If you are planning to get married in Spring, it will be a good idea to have a garden themed event.

When you plan your garden themed wedding, you need to consider a lot of practical issues. You have to make your decisions based on this theme. Let us discuss how you will choose the wedding items for such an event.

Wedding Venue

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Usually, your wedding will be an outdoor one. You will choose a beautiful garden and host your event there. You can enjoy the scenery in the garden. You can also listen to the birds singing on the trees. You may have friends who have a small garden at home. It can be a perfect venue if you are planning to host a small wedding.

Venue Decorations

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Brides will usually use a lot of flowers to decorate the venue. However, you may not want to do so for your garden wedding. This is because there will be a lot of flowers in the garden. You do not need to add even more to it. The garden itself will be a perfect backdrop. Therefore, the decorations can be simple. You can use some ribbon and miniatures of bird cages to decorate the venue.

Wedding Color

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You will opt for some vibrant colors. To match the garden idea, you can choose green as the main color theme. Other bright colors such as yellow and pink can also be used. You can use these colors extensively when you decorate the venue. The color of bridesmaid dresses can be either yellow or pink.

Wedding Invitations

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The color of the invitations should follow your main color theme. It is not difficult to find green color cards in the market. You can print graphic elements such as butterflies on the card. This will echo with the garden theme. It is even better if you can make the butterflies three dimensional! With some floral patterns printed on the cards, you can make your invitations unique.

Wedding Cake

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For the wedding cake, there are a few issues to consider. Without any surprise, you will stick to colors such as yellow and pink. A three-tier cake can be perfect. You can use floral patterns to decorate the cake. In order to match the garden theme, you will choose a cake topper in the shape of a pair of butterflies.

Wedding Dress

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There are brides who will choose a green color gown. However, you may not want to go for a bright green dress. Instead, you can choose a dress in light green color. A dress with butterfly prints is preferred. You can also pay attention to your headwear. Options such as a butterfly or floral shaped headwear will be perfect.

Wedding Favors

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You do not need to go for the traditional options. There are a lot of choices which can match the theme. For example, you can choose seeds as the wedding favors. Another perfect option will be miniatures of bird cages. There are also couples who opt for cherry blossom scented soap.

The above are some ideas for your garden themed wedding. Remember, they are just some tips for your reference only. You should let your imagination fly when planning a wedding. This will be the best way to make your big day unique!

About The Author: J. Leung is a wedding invitation designers from 983 Wedding. He also writes a lot of articles about wedding planning.