You Want to Go Where? Destinations You Never Thought You would Visit

Many people long to go on a vacation that does not require them to deal with massive crowds of other people. Some love to discover other cultures and hidden attractions, to explore places that are not so well known — places in which tourism is limited to quiet seclusion and real adventure. Of course, if you leave such a trip with some incredible stories, so much the better.

Krems, Austria 

If you love historical monasteries and beautiful snowy countryside, Krem, Austria could be the perfect destination for you. In spite of the city’s ancient roots and rich history, most people do not put it on their vacation lists. Even so, this is a very worthwhile place to visit. Krem’s architecture, in particular, is breathtaking. You can view a wide range of different eras and styles in the wonderful medieval buildings and historical pieces of art the city has to offer.

Durbuy, Belgium 

One of the most interesting things about Durbuy is how isolated it is from the typical tourist crowd. To those who have visited it, however, Durbuy is one of the most gorgeous and interesting places in the world. The beautiful castle in Durbuy can be the perfect backdrop for a quiet and relaxing vacation. If you really want to get off the beaten path while enjoying historic European culture, Durbuy can be perfect.

“The Cotton Castle”: Pamukkale, Turkey

One of the more unique locations on earth, Pamukkale is the site of an extensive natural calcium deposit. In this sunny and beautiful display of nature, visitors can view the light blue waters that run through the “clouds” of calcium formations. If really does look like you are walking on clouds. Many people even believe these waters to have healing properties.

Author: Liz contributed this guest post on behalf of Liz is a freelance writer that has traveled extensively. She enjoys hunting down bizarre locations around the world and writing about her experiences.