Floral Arrangement Ideas For Wedding Day

So you have decided on the flowers you want for your wedding and have decided to give flower arranging a try. No matter what the type of flower if you are going with fresh blooms there you need to prepare your flowers properly, in order to be sure they are beautiful and fresh through the entire ceremony.

First of all, if you are working with a lot of flowers you might not be able to get them into vases right away. You can place the flower into water that is room temperature (not just the stems but the entire flower). Once the flowers have sat in the water for about 15 minutes, you can turn your attention toward the vases…

Vases and containers should be thoroughly cleaned, with either disinfectant or bleach. Even the slightest traces of bacteria will cause your flowers to wilt significantly faster, and this is not something you want at your wedding. It is best to clean the vases inside and out if that is possible.

Water from the tap will suffice, it is more important to pay attention to the temperature of the water, it should be at room temperature and some flower food does not hurt either to keep your blooms a bit more brilliant.

You will probably have to cut the stems of your blooms a few times, to make them fit exactly the way you imagined in the vase. And it is common practice to cut the stems of flowers at a diagonal before they are placed in a vase, as they are better able to soak up water. Just make sure you are working with the proper tools. A good sharp knife or pruning shears should be used; dull scissors or knives can do quite a lot to damage the stems.

If you are working with sensitive blooms, take a look around the venue, your flowers should not be placed anywhere that is in extreme heat or direct sunlight.

You do not have to worry about using too much water, especially when really only need your flowers to last through one day.

But if you feel overwhelmed, feel free to contact a florist or pre-order your bouquets . It is not all that cost effective to arrange your flowers on your own, what you save in money you lose in time. So unless you are really up for the challenge, let a professional florist lend a helping hand.

Guest Post written by London flower delivery  company flowers24hours.co.uk for this site.