Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. The happy couple generally spends months sorting out all the details and making sure that everything will go smoothly on the big day. No matter what the style of the wedding, every couple wants to embark on a fun, relaxing honeymoon. There is nothing better than visiting a Disney Resort and staying at Disney Hotels during your honeymoon. With the perfect combination of elegance and fun, Disney honeymoons are a dream come true for any couple.

Kick Back and Relax on Your Honeymoon

Disney Resorts and Hotels offer a wide variety of amenities and activities. Newlyweds can enjoy taking in shows and dining on tasty snacks during the day. Adventuresome couples can go on the latest rides. Many couples also enjoy riding childhood favorites together and making new memories in one of the most enchanted places in the world.

By night, Disney Parks and Resorts offer a diverse selection of dining venues and entertainment. The classic Main Street Electric Parade is a hit among newlyweds honeymooning in Southern California. Restaurants at Disney Resorts range from fun and family-friendly to formal and upscale. Couples can enjoy the ultimate mix of high-end dining and comfort, home-style food while visiting a Disney Resort.

Enjoy All the Benefits of a Warm Climate

Thanks to their proximity to major airports, Disney Resorts are also the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who want to get out of town but hate the hassle of extensive travel. Shuttles can take newlyweds directly from airports to luxurious Disney Hotels, where they will be ensconced in beautiful rooms and suites. All hotels run by Disney offer world-class accommodations and are designed to exceed guest expectations.

A Disney honeymoon is the perfect option for the couple who looks forward to enjoying a warm climate but is bored by the prospect of sitting on a beach all day. While couples can certainly soak in the rays at a Disney Resort pool, they can also enjoy an assortment of outdoor leisure activities. Open-air shopping districts at Disney Resorts offer extensive dining and entertainment options.

For decades, children have looked forward to a trip to a Disney Resort with delight. Today, adults can do the same. Disney Parks and Resorts have become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Packed with food and fun, every couple will find something to love while visiting Disney.

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