What is Black Marriage Day

What is Black Marriage Day

What is Black Marriage Day

What is Black Marriage DayBlack Marriage Day is a day to celebrate African American marriages in the community. Created in 2002 by Nisa Muhammad, to raise awareness and strengthen black families in the community. (BMD) is celebrated annually on the 4th Sunday in March and is sponsored by Wedded Bliss Foundation. Some may no understand the reasons for celebrating marriage; however, we would like to present you with just a few.

“Black people have the lowest marriage rates in the country,” Muhammad says. “Too many of our children are denied the gift of a two-parent family. Black men make more money and can bring women and children out of poverty, and marriage is the safest place for women and children, in terms of domestic violence and abuse. Communities with strong marriages have better schools, higher property values and lower crime. The recidivism rate for black men drops significantly when they get married, too. Marriage and crime don’t seem to mix.”

Living Examples

Black Marriage Day (BMD) is an excellent opportunity to expose the positive benefits of marriage in the black community. Unfortunately, there are too many children growing up with no idea of what marriage looks like or that it even exist because they have no real examples of marriage in their life and family.

Personal and Collective Growth

Black Marriage Day provide a great opportunity for couples to network and meet other married couples. There are many learning resources that can provide couples with the tools for sustaining healthy marriage and relationship. blackmarriageday.com


Marriage in the community is at an alarming rate of decline. Simply put, many people are putting self-desire, self-interest, and selfishness before the commitment and responsibility of marriage. Healthy communities need healthy marriages. The effects of separation and divorce are negatively impacting children in the black community to the point marriage is becoming something viewed as not real to too many.

“I want to create cultural change where marriage becomes the norm in the black community rather than the exception,” Muhammad says. “This may take generations to accomplish, but every Black Marriage Day is another year closer to the goal.”


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